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1 an ability to understand the meaning or importance of something (or the knowledge acquired as a result); "how you can do that is beyond my comprehension"; "he was famous for his comprehension of American literature" [ant: incomprehension]
2 the relation of comprising something; "he admired the inclusion of so many ideas in such a short work" [syn: inclusion]

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From compréhension.


  1. thorough understanding
  2. The totality of intensions, that is, attributes, characters, marks, properties, or qualities, that the object possesses, or else the totality of intensions that are pertinent to the context of a given discussion.
  3. a compact syntax for generating a list in some functional programming languages



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IQ, admissibility, admission, apprehension, assimilation, caliber, capacity, clairvoyance, command, completeness, comprehensiveness, comprisal, conception, conceptualization, coverage, deductive power, eligibility, embodiment, embracement, encompassment, envisagement, esemplastic power, exhaustiveness, foreknowledge, grasp, grip, ideation, inclusion, inclusiveness, incorporation, integrative power, intellect, intellection, intellectual grasp, intellectual power, intellectualism, intellectuality, intelligence, intelligence quotient, knowledge, mastery, membership, mental age, mental capacity, mental grasp, mental ratio, mentality, mother wit, native wit, openness, participation, power of mind, precognition, prehension, rationality, reasoning power, reception, sanity, savvy, scope of mind, sense, thinking power, tolerance, toleration, understanding, whole, wisdom, wit
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